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November Sunrise

This morning I watched the sunrise. The sun turned the darkened sky luminous with yellows and oranges. Then, as the sun crested the mountains to the east, in a fireball I made this photograph. A clear morning, beautiful... with heat to come and underneath the heat a cool breeze for the spirit.


November Sunset

Yesterday evening we enjoyed a wonderful sunset. The weather patterns are beginning to settle back into a more typical November... after the passage of Sandy. For the first time I felt the cool dry air underneath the heat of the sun... this is a hallmark of the beginning of the winter season. The afternoon rain was welcome and the lingering clouds from the storm were dissipating as the sun was ready to set. Politics is over. Thanksgiving is likely to be wonderful this year. How are all of our Lemontree friends doing now?


Like a Dream

Sometimes I have the feeling that the Lemontree and our part of western Puerto Rico is more like dream. The days blur... the weather is constant and sometimes it is difficult to tell what month of the year or even the season of the year it is.

The days unfold, sunrise, sunset, afternoon rain. The sun, sand, palms... greens, blues, grays and rainbow colors it is a bit hypnotic... even disorienting. After two or three days even the most driven and stressed out guest begins to unwind and feel the magic. I wanted a way to express this sense... as an image. Thanks for looking.



Irene - Up Close and Personal

Everyone loves Irene aka Kitty. She is the greeter of guests and the scourge of pests. She is a protector of the Lemontree from dogs and giant iguanas and a friend to children.

She is the Lemontree Kitty.


Lemontree Sunrise

Sunrise... a wonderful time at the Lemontree. The air is cool and full of expectation. This morning was very clear. As the days move towards winter... such as it is here the sun moves further south when it rises... and gives a great show of color before bursting forth in its bright white majesty.