Break in the Storm, Rincon Puerto Rico

For the past several days all of the Caribbean and some of Central America has been under the influence of an enormous front which stretched from Honduras, over the islands of the Caribbean and out into the Atlantic Ocean. There have been periods of intense rain, followed by a clearing... but the sky's have remained gray. This is remarkable as the usual pattern at this time of year is for showers in the afternoon and brilliant blue sky's in the morning and later afternoon.

Never mind, the guests at the Lemontree for this Memorial Day weekend enjoyed the break from the sun. Some just watched the sky show from their terraces and took their leisure. Others went on excursions to some of the small towns in the interior bringing back enormous baskets of mangoes and wonderful huge flowers. Like these Lobster Claws.

Today, the front has pushed on and the weather is back to its more predictable "tropical paradise" self.