Rain Over Mayaguez

This is the rainy season. It means that typically we will get an afternoon rain. It can come in the early afternoon and depart several hours later. While the morning hours are best for snorkeling, diving and beach walking... we do have a special affection for the rainy afternoon. Why... in one word: DRAMA. We see the black clouds roll in from the east... the air cools a bit. There is something in the air... something electric... some anticipation. You can sit on your balcony and watch the play of the world unfold. One last curious observation. While it is raining in Mayaguez, across the bay, it can be quiet sunny in Rincon. In fact most locals stay in the water until the storm is upon them.

I made this photograph yesterday. For me it seemed to capture some of the drama and anticipation of the coming storm... a storm that has come before, will come again... and is part of the gift that is here for you to enjoy.