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Rain Over Mayaguez

This is the rainy season. It means that typically we will get an afternoon rain. It can come in the early afternoon and depart several hours later. While the morning hours are best for snorkeling, diving and beach walking... we do have a special affection for the rainy afternoon. Why... in one word: DRAMA. We see the black clouds roll in from the east... the air cools a bit. There is something in the air... something electric... some anticipation. You can sit on your balcony and watch the play of the world unfold. One last curious observation. While it is raining in Mayaguez, across the bay, it can be quiet sunny in Rincon. In fact most locals stay in the water until the storm is upon them.

I made this photograph yesterday. For me it seemed to capture some of the drama and anticipation of the coming storm... a storm that has come before, will come again... and is part of the gift that is here for you to enjoy.


Edge of the World

Some nights the moon is bright and the water is so still you can almost feel that you are sitting at the worlds edge. So a bit of photoshop and here is our take.


Lemontree Wedding

The Lemontree is well known as a destination for lovers and for those seeking to kindle or deepen their relationship. Today, we celebrated a wedding on Lemontree beach. We have hosted a number of smaller destination weddings and each has been unique. What is really great is that the couple decided to marry after spending a weekend in the Coco Suite! They returned... complete with wedding party and publicly proclaimed their love and commitment for one another. With their feet being gently lapped by the waves, Gregg Carson of Taino Divers officiated the wedding of Sasha and Greg. After the wedding the couple headed north for some surfing and further celebration.


Fun Surf

I was out at Domes Beach down past the Lighthouse and I saw 12 or so surfers out enjoying the small fun surf that we can have during the summer. Now Domes is a great break and in the winter will challenge very good surfers... but now it is accessible to all levels. When guests come to the Lemontree we encourage them to get up and out and into the water... especially if they are younger and of an athletic mind. For those who have never surfed we recomend lessons and an orientation to the breaks.


Blood Lily

Bella J has been on the look out for plant material that will thrive by the sea in our tropical environment. One plant that has done very well is the Blood Lily. We have several in our central courtyard and if you have not seen it in bloom it is a real treat. It likes it wet and warm so this Lily waits until our summer, rainy season to put on a show. It appears like a ball of fire... and large as well. There is an other world quality to the collective blooms that we see pictured above. When you come for a visit ask Bella about her garden.