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Rainy Season has arrived

Rainy season is finally here. In the afternoon about 2P the heavens open and it rains... then an hour later it clears. The air is cool and fresh. People are in the water up until the rain actually arrives and then unless there is lightning may stay... because the sea is still in the upper 80's. The rain has been late in coming this year... and while you might think that rain and vacation dont mix, in fact they do. Up and active in the morning, when it rains you can enjoy the sound of the rain beating on the roof or seek shelter for a bit in your favorite watering hole. After the rain the air feels great... inonized or ozoned or someting... and cool and fresh. Welcome in to the tropics.


In the Lemontree Garden

Over the nearly nine years we have owned the Lemontree we have grown our garden. The Lemontree, located on the sea offers special challenges. We have sun... lots of direct rays. We have salt, we live in the tropics which means periods of wet, afternoon rains and periods of dry months. Not all plants like this... but many beautiful ones do.

This morning I was struck by a "volunteer". Not one of our cultivated and tended flowering plants but by one that came in over the wall and made a home. These accidents are quiet lovely and seem to fill out our plantings.

When you are here, stop and take a moment to look at our garden.


Sargasso Mats

This morning we have been given great mats of Saragossa Sea seaweed, here pictured by a top of land grass. These mats come from the Saragosso Sea which is located just north and to the east of the Bahamas. The sea itself is centered on Bermuda. It is a vortex of circular currents which streach out for a thousand miles and at this time of the year, when we do not have strong storms or winds and the seas are mild float past us litterally these are islands in the stream. What is really cool about these mats is that below them feeding on the vegitation are large schools of small fish, also snails and shrimp... and below them are much larger fish feeding on the smaller fish. These are in fact floating and moving communities of life. The entire food chain. Local fishermen know to watch for these mats and use them as great markers for fishing spots. In the afternoon when our rains kick in the mats are washed ashore.

For me the mats are an annual reminder of how vast yet interconected the world is.


Living in the present

Some days are so overwhelming I just don't know how to express the sense of the present. This photograph had to be made... and shared. Walt Whitman years ago wrote a poem titled O Me, O Life... I don't recall much about it except the injunction that we are here now and that the poem continues to be written and we have a verse to contribute. The past is past... the future is to come... what we have now... the only sure thing we have is the present. At the Lemontree, by the sea on a glorious day with calm seas, a cool breeze, brilliant sunshine we are alive and in the world at this instant.


De plane! De plane!

Like Fantasy Island, we have small plane service. Ours runs from from San Juan to Mayaguez a brief 10 minute drive from the Lemontree. Last week Bella Jane took de plane on her way to a connecting flight in San Juan. She asked the pilot to take the coastal route rather that the over mountain trip. She took this image of the Lemontree... the two buildings (one with racing stripes) in the center. As you can see we hug the coast on the Spanish Railway wall between the sea and the hills as they come down to the shore. The beaches in western Puerto Rico are all natural... and public which means that you can walk literally for miles if you chose.

The air service is offered by Cape Air and is a great way to beat the drive from San Juan. There is a car rental service (Thrifty, at last look) at the airport. No TSA... no hassel. Its a great way to see the island.