You read the title correctly…Lemontree IS for sale. We will give you the particulars of the business end a little farther down, but for now, let’s focus on the essence of Lemontree.

We, Todd and Bella Jane came to Lemontree from NYC a long 16 years ago. Actually, there’s a video we made when we first arrived and which you can see below website showing Bella Jane on the subway on her way to Lemontree all those years ago! Many of you have asked how we came to even find the Lemontree… so let us tell you that little bit of history.

We were looking for a place to live and something for Bella Jane to do in Puerto Rico! Yep, she thought she should work in paradise! We heard that Lemontree was for sale so out we went to see it. We walked through the front gate and straight through to the railing overlooking the ocean. We stared out and then looked to left and to the right and one of us said, “Could you live here?” And the other said, “Yes, I could live here.” And so, we did. So simple and yet so life changing. We have been transformed by our time by the sea, from worker-bees in big institutions, into people who can listen to their hearts and live by the rhythm of the sun and sea.

And it is the Lemontree view that we saw that fateful day, that horizon line of ocean meeting the sky that captures the imagination and calms, and at the same time thrills each of us. The gentle lapping of the waves or the fierceness of the crashing, depending upon the day, stays with you as you enter your suite and tend to dinner. You are enveloped by the nature of the ocean-side and so much else just melts away.

We have lived this dream for 16 years and despite our love for the Lemontree, we are being tugged away and must relinquish the reigns to someone else. We have, from the beginning, believed we had been lead to this stretch of beach to be its guardian rather than its owner. And what a guardianship it has been. So many waves, so many exquisite sunsets, and so many, many friends and happy guests. We entered the culture and made a deep life for ourselves in Rincon.

As a guest at the Lemontree you to became part of a community of those who chose to spend time by the ocean, and thus we are writing to invite you to consider taking over the stewardship of the Lemontree. Some people just slip into the Lemontree vibe and the rhythm of the waves lives within them. If you are one of those folks, consider the possibility of a life by the sea.

One of our guests left us this poem and we would like to share it as most of you have taken the long walk along the beach and as you strolled couldn’t resist picking up the sea glass you saw at your toes.

As I pick up sea glass,

its jagged edges smoothed and rounded by the ocean,

I feel the waves doing the same thing for me.

I feel less sharp, less ragged, less harried.

My perspective enlarges with the horizon,

my soul and body seem more in synchrony,

and I leave the water feeling clean and refreshed.

The Lemontree has been both a business and a family home. We are willing to pass the property on in its entirety, fully furnished either as a business or as a family compound. If you are considering running the Lemontree as a business we are prepared to offer training and mentor-ship. The business has changed and grown from being something that Bella Jane kept in a child’s composition book to one with a contemporary website, on-line reservation system and a strong relationship with OTA’s, Airbnb and Tripadvisor. You will continue to evolve the property and put your own stamp on how it looks and runs.

Our current experienced team has expressed a willingness, if so requested, to continue servicing and maintaining the property. Most of you know the current general manager, Wilson Rios, who has been part of our lives since the beginning of our tenure with Lemontree. He knows every wire, every plumbing fixture, and all the quirks!

If you think, two cottages would be too much, no problem. The Lemontree’s two cottages are deeded separately and are served by separate water and electric connections and thus, if desired, we are willing and able to pass each cottage separately or combined. Each cottage would make be a fantastic vacation home with rental potential throughout the year.


As you know, the Lemontree consists of seven fully furnished suites with complete kitchens. This is a low density property located 10 minutes south of the heart of Rincon. All bedrooms are air conditioned and all suites have direct view of the oceanfront. Parking is available across the street. Each cottage is a two story concrete and wood structure with outside staircases leading to the second floor suites.

The studio apartments, Banana and Coco are approximately 400 sq-ft, the one-bedroom suites, Papaya, Pina and Mango are approximately 500 sq-ft and the larger apartment Guava is approximately 950 sq-ft. The suites are furnished with queen beds, living room and dining furniture, ceiling fans, smart TV’s and WiFi throughout the property. The Lemontree was most recently renovated in 2017.

The property is being offered at a considerable discount compared with other oceanfront homes and guest houses. We are asking an achievable $599,000 for the entire property and $299,000 for each cottage individually. A serious offer will be met with a serious response. Please contact our general manager, Wilson Rios at 787-823.6452 to schedule an appointment to visit the property. If you would like to speak directly to us, Todd and Bella Jane please feel free to call at: 787-546.8858.